About Us

Who We Are?

We are a business dedicated to making life easier for  parents of school going children. Studies have identified 10 ways to make life easier for working families;

Let go of
the guilt

Make the morning easier by planning ahead

Create and organize a family calendar

Communicate with your employer

Limit distractions and time wasters

Create special family activities

Spend time with your partner

Make time
for yourself

Find quality
child care

Stay connected during the day

What We Do?

At Connected Life Stay we  provide safe spaces  for parents to access parenting tools, value adding information & reliable lifting service for all school transportation needs. We do this using technology as an enabler..

As working parents we have created an APP with the full understanding & appreciation of the challenges and joys of parenting…Our APP will enable you to:

  • Create & manage your child schedule
  • Receive alerts as activities are done – know where your child is
  • SMS & email alerts on arrivals and departures
  • Connect and communicate with both the child & care giver
  • Get feedback on care giver from service providers – register your providers

Live Connected

Never Miss A Moment!

In the Future With Stay Connected Lifting Partner We Will provide safe, reliable and cost effective lifting.

We will provide:

  • Cars on board cameras
  • Screened female drivers
  •  First aid trained & certified
  •  Email & SMS’s alerts
  • clearly marked /visible braded & roadworthy cars
  • Communicate with your child in between activities
  • Ability to track your child’s movement through out the day