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Why Live Connected?

Working mothers often find it hard to stay on “top of everything” They are managing familial duties and full time demanding careers. They have to do a lot of “worry work”…… has Nomsa been picked up from school, is soccer Wednesday or Thursday, I hope hubby hasn’t forgotten it’s his turn to pick up the kids, There’s an accident on William Nicol – close to my child’s school is he there, this meeting is running over and I really have to take Thandi to Ballet, neither me or hubby can pick up Thandi from school tomorrow – I wonder if my sister can help.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In this harried 21st century culture – it’s strange how such an antiquated concept has remained so true. Whether it’s your au pair, helper, driver, eldest child, husband, sister or neighbor – our villages are critical in helping us raise our children.

To reduce mom’s stress and worry – she needs a way to be better connected and coordinated with her Village, and sometimes a pick up

Who Needs Live Connected?

Our products and offerings are built by parents for parents. Our live Connected app is the perfect tool for working families and their extended support systems, whether it by granny, driver, au pair, or auntie…It takes a village to raise a child

Frequently Asked Question

Free scheduling, tools & tips parenting application available on  Android & iOS. This APP allows you to create and manage your family schedule along with the rest of your village!

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  • Step 1_ Create a profile
  • Step2 _Build your family (kids, co parents, granny). Your family members will receive invitation to download the APP & will be able to view your full schedule
  • STEP 3_Build your village – all those individuals that are part of your support network for your children day to day needs (au pairs, drivers, neighbors, aunties etc.). Your villagers will receive an invitation to download the APP & get allocated specific pick-ups and drops off as require.
  • THEN Create a comprehensive schedule for your family – daily, recurring, ad hoc activities (ballet, soccer, doctors’ visits etc.)
  • Allocate drops off and picks to specific members of your family and village
  • On allocation of a pick up a calendar events are sent via email as an event in your diary
  • During specific pick, up/drop off events you can “track” your au pair using our simple track functionality.
  • The allocated villager can plan their route (google maps)
  • Massaging/notifications capability between villagers and mom
  • Milestones – ability to capture specific milestones (first day of school/Billy can swim) and share with the “mom”/family
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In the scenario of the APP, the “parent” is the administrator, and only the parent can invite villagers and family members to be part of her community. Without the invitation, you cannot access and view information.

The parent also determines whether you are a family or a village member. Family members can view the full schedule but “villagers” can only view allocated “pick-ups”

Only the parent can edit the schedule, add and delete members – giving them the control required to keep their inner circle only as they wish

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If you have been invited to join someone’s village you will receive an email to download the APP. This invitation is the link between your profiles.

If you are invited to join as a villager you will only see allocated pick up schedules. If you have been invited as a family member you should be able to see the whole family’s schedule. It is possible to be invited as both!


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The first steps in using the app are to build your network of family members (KIDS/family) and villagers. You need to capture their details including their email address and cell phone number. Your villagers and family members need to accept the invitation to be part of your network.

The app is a scheduling tool. It allows you to create a schedule and to link that scheduled drop off/pick up to a specific villager.

As drop off and pickups to commence you will get notifications
During specific events, you can communicate with villagers
If required you can use our “track” functionality to see the whereabouts of your villager with your child during ongoing pick up event

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